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Having an elegant dinner party or and executive function? We deliver excellent food and gorgeous table settings for your dinner party.


Looking for a special dinner at an event like a wedding or a special celebration. We have a large number of meals we can offer to fit the occasion and your budget.


Need snacks at the office, or maybe having some friends over at home and a major cocktail function maybe? There is no limit to our imagination to the snacks and platters we can offer you.

Corporate Catering

Running a corporate event? We can offer you a large variety of options from snacks to a full sit down meal. Let us know your requirements and we can tailor the perfect meal for you.

Cakes and Teatime Treats

Having a special tea time event, or even just a sweet tooth for beautiful pastries. Well we have a wide range of delicious treats to select from.


We have a lunch menu for every occasion. From a wholesome conference meal to a celebratory exquisite looking plate of food.


We offer a wide range of breakfast options. From Continental, to a Full English and even speciality meals

The Parthenon Reconstructed

The Parthenon Reconstructed

One of the things we love to do at Meals of Distinction is to bake and make cakes for special occasions.  We have made Prada Handbags, Funfair Carousels, Foot Ball stadiums complete with grandstands, you dream it and we make it.

Recently we were asked to make a special 21st Birthday cake and the colour scheme had to be silver and white. So we came us with a Greek theme of reconstructing the Parthenon.

Step 1 was to make (and break) the pillars and statues. These were moulded from creamy white chocolate.

Parthenon Pillars

Parthenon Pillars Under “Construction”

 Step 2 was to layer large lemon and poppyseed cakes to form the base of the construction and then covered with a layer of pettinice icing.

Lemon and Poppyseed Cake Layer

The first Lemon and Poppyseed Cake Layer

Smothered in Icing

Smothered in Icing

Another lemon and poppy seed layer of cake

Another lemon and poppy seed layer of cake


Pettinice Icing

The layers are covered with Pettinice icing.

Step 3 Was to bake the main cake which is a soft and delicious Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Layered Red Velvet Cake

Step 4 was to cover the main cake with pettinice icing and also to work in some of the large stone effects. This was quite difficult with the weight of the pettinice and the softness of the Red Velvet cake, but it worked out just fine (phew!)

Pettinice Icing and Moulding

Pettinice Icing is applied and stone effects added

Step 5 was final assembly which was all done on the client’s site just before the party.

Step 6 was to enjoy the feast and celebration.

If you are having a special occasion and would like us to make a beuatiful cake for you. Please contact us on chef@mealsofdistinction.co.za.














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